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Mobile App Development

Mobile app development has become one of our primary services as the world is steadily evolving.
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We have built some of the most intricate applications out there. Whether it’s a split play service app like Uber / Lyft or an app that connects with a Kiosk, we can handle anything that is able to be done. We work with native frameworks such as Objective C Swift, Android Studio Java and React Native. Doing mobile apps in the native frameworks are essential for future changes in development, without restricting your functionality. If your company structure would benefit from having an application, then we highly recommend doing so to expand your horizons and potential income.

Graphic Design

Branding is so crucial. You want to stand out from the crowd and not be a dime a dozen out there.
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We love to do custom designs for our clients and also create logos from scratch. Instead of using templates and themes that you see on many other websites, ours have the uniqueness that you would want, if you’re looking to stand out from everyone else with your designs. Our graphic animation touch to the website brings it all to life and lures the customers eyes to the sections you want to draw attention to.

Video Production

Every company should have some promo video to streamline their services or products.
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Most of the world today doesn’t want to read all the text on a website or app preview. They want a video telling them what your company is all about. This also assists with ranking if the syndication is done correctly from the website or App Store. We specialize in 2D or 3D animation videos along with real footage editing to promote your company to the public.

Web Development

We specialize in all sorts of web development applications.
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Most websites would require some development from a programmer due to functionality needed, unless it’s just a brochure type of website for services. Whether you need a subscription based payment gateway website, an e-commerce store, dating site or something with custom functions we have you covered.

There are many coding framework languages we work with that are customizable. PHP has many usable frameworks and a lot of websites are still utilizing them. Laravel, Code Ignitor, WordPress and Drupal are a few that use PHP Frameworks that we can customize to however you desire. WordPress websites are still very popular and we can pretty much do anything with them, such as creating custom themes, custom plugins or widgets. However, if they aren’t created in a secure manner, they can be very vulnerable with malicious attacks due to third party plugins and misuse. Wordfence is one of many security measures we integrate with to minimize those attacks. We do favor other newer frameworks for larger projects such as JavaScript frames like React.js and Angular.js. These frameworks can be more secure and give us more freedom with customization, but can take longer to develop. They would be recommended for more intricate websites.

SEO & Digital Marketing

We have been in the Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing field for over 21 years now.
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Having the enterprise tools access allows us to properly analyze a website and achieve successful ranking using our vast experience and knowledge. So many crucial factors take place when marketing a website with all the competition out there. Meta tag configuration is so important and wrapping that around content that is relevant to show the search engines that you should be there. Using the proper high domain authority backlinks from our database of directory and social bookmarking links is essentially telling the search engines you deserve to be ranked. Using garbage links can actually decrease your ranking tremendously, which is why we have spent so much time in research on getting the proper ones to use. Missing just one of these key elements can create ultimate failure with digital marketing, so it’s important to not make mistakes that can cost you business and a loss of potential customers. Our team would really like to prove our experience with you. After you gain the trust in our work and obtain real traffic, we can assure you will want to keep it going continuously. We aren’t seeking the quick buck, we’re seeking a future of recurring business with your company due to success we bring to your company.

Websites aren’t the only things we handle with digital marketing. Mobile apps need love too! There are many factors that drive up the searches on the app stores with how you have your application promoted. Also, getting a proper amount of initial downloads from our database of resources will assist in ranking. Driving reviews on the app with coding methodology is also another key factor along with tracking tools scripts that would assist from various resources.

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